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I've been wanting to play Metal again but never found a good spot on LJ. Then I heard about this place, and since it's a dressing room we can have as many Metal Sonics as needed. Woot!

In case the icons weren't obvious this is the T-1000 Sonic Heroes version of the character, complete with shapeshifting, power-copying, and...uh...also being totally psychotic. All he needs is green hair and he'd totally be Envy. (I thought SEGA was trying to make this a kid-friendly franchise D:)

Fortunately he's subtle enough to use his talents to blend in! ...wait, that's bad.

So, yeah. I'll also be using this as an opportunity to ask:

A) are you cool with Metal copying the appearance/powers of your character? Only one of the two? None?
B) taking the appearance of a friend/loved one/etc. and ambushing: y/n?
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15th-Jun-2011 01:36 pm - I- I'm late to doing this
Hiya - I'm Blizzard. I'm actually someone who's been eying LJ roleplay for a while before I joined. I wasn't sure of doing this since I usually just.. write out things by myself rather than roleplay, but hey. Had to try it...

I'm obviously this Metal Sonic, and as of right now I've this other Metal from my AU. Obvious Metal Sonic fan here. I am pretty boring right now but I do have another character I could bring from that AU. Not sure if I can pull myself to clean up my pictures of her so she can has awesome icons.
I also have a Chip . Tails has been my most favorite since I was little, but I dunno I could actually play him so graaagh. I also noticed while lurking about that there are... a LOT of Tailses.

This introduction is delayed but I was nervous about actually making one, so uh. Hello. :D;
15th-Jun-2011 09:39 am - Event? + a few quick announcements!
With Sonic's 20th anniversary coming up, it only seems appropriate to do something special for the occasion.

We were thinking of throwing up a big party post for the occasion with food, music, and the works. However, if you have any other suggestions, feel free to throw them this way! Just because it's Sonic's birthday doesn't mean it has to be all lighthearted. And assuming we do the open party post, villains are free to cause havoc.

With that said, Jester (blindfolds) will be MIA for a little while due to RL circumstances. She's moving and won't have much time to dedicate to mod duties until she's settled in. As such, please direct all concerns and inquiries to me. I'm online every day if anything urgent comes up, and you can find me on AIM @ derpisms.

Or you can hit up the suggestions/concerns post, located here in this comm!
13th-Jun-2011 10:43 pm - I self-enabled somehow
Mega here, and... I've got nothing to say. Boredom makes me do weird things.

So expect this werehog at some point. Maybe when I do some canon reviewing. I'm also going to bring in a Colors Sonic sooner or later.
Sup. My name is Melissa, and I used to play a million people back in the original dressing room, and now I have been dragged here against my will by a certain someone and they know they are dammit debating whether to play or not, and I figured why not. So here are the muses I'll occasionally be posting and tagging with. (I'd like to make an 'intro' post with one of 'em so I can immerse myself with this 'new cast', but can't decide which one should be the 'ice breaker'.)

Amy Rose ringaroundrose SEGA Canon. Somewhere around Sonic Riders Zero Gravity.
Lien-da commissioner_da Archie Comics, during the whole angel island dingo arc where Knuckles is the friggin avatar and the artists finally said FINE, LIEN'S A DOMINATRIX, ARE YOU FANS HAPPY YET.
Metal! Amy Rose siliconestalker AU. Robotnik made an Amy Rose robot. It was a bad idea. For so, so many reasons.
Vanilla rabbitmilf Sonic X, post canon.
Cosmo toblossom_todie Sonic X, post canon.
Bunnie Rabbot missmecha Satam, can't decide exactly where.
Silver absolutiondream Middle of Sonic 2006
Manic meandmydrum Sonic Underground, can't decide exactly where.
Knuckles sonof_servers SEGA canon, can't decide exactly where. (look how decisive I am.)
Enerjak! Knuckles enerjak_v2 Archie Comics. First time Knuckles went all Jak.

God willing, I think that's all of them.
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12th-Jun-2011 09:09 am - /stops hovering in the shadows
Good morning, everyone! My name's Dazha and I've been eyeing this community ever since Mega tried to enable me brought it to my attention a couple of weeks ago. |3

I mostly play Silver the Hedgehog (who's currently over at Route 29), but I'll be also bringing in Metal Sonic/Neo Metal Sonic after a long canon review of the games. In addition to those two, I have a few others in mind to bring here in the future. :3

On another note, I'm not really used to dressing rooms, and I think this will be my first one to play in, so excuse any fail from me!

It's nice to meet you all and I look forward to playing with everyone ♥.
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11th-Jun-2011 09:05 pm - WORLD/CASTMATE INFO
With permission from the modlings, I've decided to put this up.

Ever wonder what kind of alternate universe or original universe that a character comes from? Have you said to yourself, "Man, I got this great idea and I'd love for castmates!", or perhaps you've said, "Man, I wish I could play a castmate from that world/canon/fan AU but I don't know which characters I can choose from!"

Well, look no more. This is the World/Castmate Info Post, where you can post the information on your character's worlds, which characters from from which universe, and who to talk to if you want in on a mun-made AU cast or even if you want to see who plays OU characters. Dis is where to find it. :D

And if you want to put that info up, here's how you do it:

So without further ado! Here we go! Comment here! :D
6th-Jun-2011 06:28 pm - icons, anyone?
So, my quarter's coming to an end next week, which will give me a few weeks of free time. So, given that I won't have much to do during my brief break, I was wondering if anyone would like some quick icon sets. I have access to SatAM on DVD, can probably dig up some decent AoStH episodes, and cutscenes and comics aren't too hard to find.

And, hey, if others want to offer their icon making services here, go for it! This can double as a requests/sharing post.

I just realize that some people might have a character in mind, but no icons to use.
6th-Jun-2011 03:13 pm - A wild Newcomer appeared!
Hello, everyone! I'm Darke, and I'm a boring person whose only Sonic muse is Jet the Hawk over here.

Granted, I'm on a bit of RP hiatus at the moment, due to finals among other things, but I do have every intention of introing this little egomaniac later on in order to try and get back into the groove of things.

Just figured I'd introduce myself beforehand, though. I look forward to RPing with all of you!
6th-Jun-2011 10:36 am - Oh hi! I didn't notice you there.
Sup. I'm Finale, with Archie versions of Eggman and Gamma right now. Aside from them, I play or am interested in playing pretty much every character from every continuity, though the ones I'm most likely to play are Archie or the OVA.
3rd-Jun-2011 11:06 pm(no subject)
Ohey. Sup.

I'm Kiwi! And this guy here is STC-O Espio, taken from page 6 of issue 233. He'll be coming in here from Witches Reign, so he's been a cadet in Balamb Garden for about a year or so now. I'll be using a fair number of Archie icons, though... Richard Elson just isn't good at facial expressions.

I'm not usually much of a DR person - this much freedom just makes me feel lost! - but I'm gonna give it a whirl anyway. Nice to see you all!
okay whoa
Heyyo folks! Hellion here, bringing in my first and probably only StH muse; Shadow the Hedgehog. Things will be pretty slow considering it's one of my first official DRs excluding d_m and TLH, but I'm sure I'll get into the swing of things!
3rd-Jun-2011 01:52 am - Well hello~
Hey guys! Matt from the old TDZ here with my own stash of Sonic fandom doodz to play.

Mostly villains, though. Villains are fun as hell. Hi!
3rd-Jun-2011 12:52 am(no subject)
Well, this was pretty inevitable, isn't it?

Sup y'all, I'm Shawna, and I used to play...a bunch over at TDZ. And Station Square. And other places, when playing Sonic characters was a thing for me. At least the rules here will make me stop making cracky ones. I'll probably lean heavily on this guy here (SatAM!Antoine--I'd love to do Archie but, uh, that requires a lot of reading of a lot of issues that I don't have, so you get the uber-coward instead of the adorkable bamf), but will also possibly reintroduce some of my others in due time.

but of course it was my pleasure
2nd-Jun-2011 08:55 pm - We're open!
Alright, guys! I decided to open a few minutes early. Go ahead and join the main comm if you'd like. I've set up an open post for characters to mingle with one another, though you can do your own intros too.

Now that we're open, I figure I should go over the tag system for posts. Basically, you create a tag for your character that's formatted like character: namehere and a tag for your canon that's formatted canon: namehere.

We have some tags set up, but anyone can make tags. Also, tags should be used for the original poster and not everyone who tags in, that way it's easy to find the Sonic posts, Eggman posts, etc.

One last thing: we've got an AIM chat going over at specialzone. It's not a requirement to join in, though. Just something for fun!

With that said, hope everyone has fun! If you need anything, go ahead and contact either one of us at any time.
1st-Jun-2011 10:36 am - Bandwagon, what bandwagon?
Hi, I'm Daimon and I'm here because Mega made me come here keeps enabling me to do stuff. Yeah. I thought I'd make an intro-type thing and properly say hi instead of just sneaking into everyone else's posts and being vaguely creepy.

I have like, no Sonic muses except for this guy. I AM BORING.

I'm gonna shut up now.

And then I said
1st-Jun-2011 07:33 am - tossing in another intro! beware.
Hello, hello. I'm Mega, one of your mods here. Some of you might remember me from thedressingzone, where I played... a bunch of SatAM-based things.

I'll be starting out with some SatAM-ish stuff as well. Namely, this dude here, my SatAM Fang, and maybe a few 'bot Sonics. Still gotta revamp their icons first. Also planning on bringing in OVA Knuckles and possibly Vector.

I'm really looking forward to opening this place, since it's been so long since there was an active Sonic DR. Hope we can have a grand ol' time! c:

As a side note, we're planning on tossing up an AIM chat once the DR opens, but if you'd like one sooner, just let me know! There aren't a lot of us just yet, but I don't see any harm in it.
1st-Jun-2011 12:32 am - YEAH, YOU KNEW I WAS COMING
There's no way I'd miss this. |D

This is Ni, bringing in...well. PEOPLE. LOTS OF PEOPLE. Anyone from TDZ will probably remember quite a few of them (lol yeah I'll make a full list one day lol be afraid D:), but incidentally this is my newest character and the one I'm starting out with, Knuckles the Echidna. From SatAM (sort of, it makes more sense in context).

So, yeah! It's good to see you, Special Zone, and all you folks here. I hope we can have an awesome time together. :D
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31st-May-2011 05:17 pm - introduction
Hello, my name is Ebi (or Hebi). My AIM is hebbycakes, but I'm easiest to reach via PM to any account you can find me on.

I'm excited for a new comm. I hope to have fun with you all-- This Shadow here will be my main character that I play as. Currently, I also roleplay him at route_29.

Nice to meet (re-meet) you all.
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30th-May-2011 09:49 pm - OOC comm is open for business!
Aaaand now we're open for posting! specialzone opens officially on June 3rd, but feel free to introduce yourselves now if you'd like!

Also, go ahead and spread the word. We'd like this dressing room to be more successful than the last revival, so every bit of help counts.
14th-May-2011 08:17 pm - Suggestions/Concerns
Got a problem you want addressed? Suggestions for an event or setting? Let us know right here!

For settings, go ahead and provide as much info as you want! We're not as familiar with some continuities (like the comics) as others, so every bit helps.
14th-May-2011 08:15 pm - Canon Resources
Want to check out the other Sonic continuities but never got the chance before? We're happy to help!

All the goods below the cut!Collapse )
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